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guest night with boo herwerdine 23rd may 2024

tom bliss MS soc charity  concert 25th april 2024

open mic 11th april 2024

guestnight with the hayleys 28th March 2024

guestnight with John Weighell and lacewing 22nd february 2024

singaround 11th january 2024

guest night with loose like a goose 7th December 2023

guest night with plumhall 23rd nov 2023

guest night with Amelia Coburn and we r it 26th oct 2023

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A slightly different but interesting night with two guests plus support. John Weighell opened the night with the usual polished performance, followed by a new Guest from Middlesbrough , Amelia Coburn. She gave an exceptional performance with her angelic and agile voice renditioning her own artistic compositions and some covers. The second half ushered in Trevor and Ian by name of "We R It" with numerous false starts, errors and Les Dawson-style guitar playing, all in the name of humour - or was it? They presented well-known and popular covers with excellent vocal harmonies throughout. A very interesting and entertaining night.

guest night with jez lowe 14th sept 2023

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An absolute full house with a crowd drawn by the famous NE star Jez Lowe returning again to the club, with expert guitar, mandolin and harmonica playing in accompaniment to witty songs from his extensive repetoire. In support were  magnificent sets provided by Ian Rutland and the Richmond Hillbillies, and all MC'd by our leader Bob Tuddenham. A fantastic night as we have come to expect - never disappointed.

strum/singalong 7th sept 2023

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A great welcome to the Eagle Ukes, about 15 of them, leading a set of 15 well known songs, to which there was a "free-for-all" joining in with whatever means available, whether singing, struming , blowing, banging or shaking. This was set as an experiment and the consensus view was that it worked very well marking a most enjoyable time, (although more beginners who otherwise too unsure to attempt an open mic would have been ideal). The second half of the evening was a standard singaround with excellent contributions and some further "joining in" on occasion. A very entertaining evening and a bit different.

GUEST NIGHT WITH the john wrightson band 27th july 2023

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Guest night with the John Wrightson Band. The evening opened with a five-song/tune set by the Allsimons, varied in mood, style and instrumentation.  The first half continued with John and his band with a very impressive sound, skillful playing and excellent harmonies. Richard Forster started the second half, including some old favourates and a beautiful duet with Fiona Limb to which people could not but help singing along. John and his band then exceeded the high standards and expectations that they set in the first half, and a finale with a wonderful elvis cover! A truely enjoyable and entertaining evening, with a big thanks to all participants and of course the very supportive audience.

25th may 2023

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Guest night with Bella Gafney, was fantastic. She is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, with witty banter to boot. Support from Simon Nicholson and John Dunleavy, complimented the evening. A big thanks to them and of course, our fabulous audience. Also Chuck was great on the sound, with Paul Davison keeping things on track, as MC.

singaround 11th may 2023

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This month's singaround was a full house with numerous regulars and very welcome visitors, entertaining with songs, tunes and witty prose. It was great to sing along to old favourites and listen to less known tunes and songs with an informal and communal vibe.

guest night with hunter muskett 27th april 2023

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Every month we say it was a great night, and here we say it again - the exceptional performance, repetoire and repartee of Terry Hiscock and his band "Hunter Muskett" which must surely make a mark in our future calendar. Thanks also go to Brian & Sue Race and Ian Tyzack for their superb sets in support.

open mic 13th april 2023

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If you weren't there then you missed an excellent evening, full of tallent, entertainment and fun.  Twelve performing sets (solo, duet and group) filled the room with a rich variety of styles and content of songs and instrumentals, warming hearts, soothing souls and entertaining minds. Thanks to our regular audience and visitors who make this all worthwhile.

double guest night with blue horizon & the richmond hillbillies 23rd Feb 2023

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A  night of extra indulgence with three excellent courses: Opening apparatiff with a very fine set by Ian Rutland, followed by the m
ain course, with the all-familiar Richmond Hillbillies, topped with an irrestible desert of lovely sounds and songs from New Horizon.  If you missed it then you missed a good night (as I did!).

Guest night with john weighell 26th Jan 2023

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A  highly enytertaining and varied night with  John Weighell and his fine music and sharp witt, supported by a varied vocal and instrumental set by the Allsimons (sorry, old pic; I was too busy playing to take pics!), followed by wonderful home-written songs and covers beautifully sung and played by Jane Beecher, and a set by Paul Davison, excellently perforomed ending in a hilarious song bringing tears to the eyes (for the right reasons!).


Guest night with the haley sisters 8th Dec 2022

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A guarantee that the Haley sisters will never disappoint: A superb night of entertainment with original and cover songs, demonstrating variety laced with flavours of americana, rock n roll, blues and popular.; all played with sensitivity, texture and energy,  Lacewing did a great support job with lovely songs preparing us well for what was to come.


Singaround 17th Nov 2022

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A super and varied evening of musical contribution delivered with humouor and banter. Ten performers entertained us all in an atnosphere of informality and relaxation.


Guest night with John Watterson AKA Fake Thakery
3 Nov 2022

A much enjoyed but very different night with the performance of John Watterman (AKA Fake Thakery). John Played and sang many humorous and fast moving lyrical songs of the late Jake Thakery (well known for his regular appearance on BBC TV's "That's Life" program in 70's) interspersed with many biographical anecdotes. He was very well supported by Richard Forster and the Richmond Hillbillies.

Double Guest night with Blue Horizon and Bridie Jackson 
6 Oct

Support by Bob Tuddenham, joined for a few songs by Jane Graham, followed by Blue Horizon and then Bridie Jackson. Keeping up with the now expected  high standards our performers delivered on par. This was another great night with an intriquing mix and variety of styles that entertained to a full house.

Guest night with Anthony john clark 8 sept 2022

The evening began with a brief memorial silence in honour and respect of the late HM Queen Elizabeth I I.  Then throughout the evening there was great support (by John Dunleavy and Paul Davison) and great entertainment from Anthony John Clark and his wife Julia - all to a very full house. AJC & J of course delivered an exceptionally high standard of music interspersed with witt, humour and hilarity. A fantastic night enjoyed by all.. 

Guests Steve pledger & pete davies 28 July 2022

Allsimons Society1
Pete Davies2
Steve Pledger1
Pete Davies3
Pete Davies1
Steve Pledger3
Steve Pledger2
Allsimons society2

Allsimons support (Symon Day, Simon Nicholson & Bob Tuddenham): Steve Pleader and Pete Davies, entertaining all.

open mic 14th July 2022

Yet another great night with our open mic participants demonstrating a very high standard. For those who couldn't come, you missed an excellent and highly entertaining night!

Guest night with Edwina Hayes
30th June 2022

Another great night with Edwina Hayes, supported by Ian (Chuck) Rutland and Ian Tyzack.. A full house and a very entertaining evening.

Guest night with tom mcconville & dave newey 26th may 2022

A superb evening with the mighty Tom McConville (singing and playing a violin at the same time!) and his excellent accompanist Dave Newey, Pre and post break sets were supported by Jane Beacher and Brian & Sue Race respectively.

open mic  12th may 2022

Another highly entertaining open mic night hosted by DFAC at the Copper Beech.  Eleven sets of performers exercised their crafts with an amazing variety of songs, styles  and instrumentation.

Guest Terry Hiscock 31 March 2022

AllSimons 2
Terry Hiscock Copper Beech
Terry Hiscock
Terry Hiscock 2
Dave Mason
Bob MC
Richmond Hillbillies

Guest night with Terry Hiscock supported by AllSimons Society (Symon, simon & bob), Dave Mason and the Hillbillies.

open mic copper beech 10 March 2022

Nine fanastic performers, twenty seven songs


Guest night with John Weighell